christianheart (christianheart) wrote in pace_band_nerds,

Does anyone know if we're still going to band camp and is there practice Thursday?
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we're not having band camp, and we're not having practice for the next two weeks, sorry.
Where'd you get your information from?

Ashley, I have Finley & Dunlap's numbers if you want to talk to them. My number's 748.8774 if you need them.
Tabi told me (Tabitha Schechack)
Where'd she get her information from?

I called Dunlap & Finley myself to ask them. And at the moment, they're not sure what's going on with band camp, so we still have a chance of going. They haven't even had their meeting about it yet, which is going to be Thursday night.

Make sure your information is credible before you tell it to everyone.
So is tonight's practice still on?
i got my info from kris barrett.. he call but yea ashley called and told me that we still have and camp and bla
Hah. Kris Barrett.
yea =\ ugh... I'm not listening to him anymore
it's skechak