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For those of you that have not gotten the phone call yet...

  • We are still going to band camp.
  • There is a parent/student meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 in the band room or cafeteria.
  • Medical forms are due tomorrow at the meeting, or Monday morning before we go to camp.
  • Be at the school Monday, 6:00 a.m.

For those of you who heard the rumor that we weren't going to band camp, MAKE SURE THAT THE SOURCE IS CREDIBLE. It doesn't take a freakin genius to call up Mr. Finley or Mr. Dunlap and ask if something is true or not. And it doesn't take that same genius to know not to tell everyone when you didn't hear it straight from someone in charge, I.E. Finley, Dunlap, Claudia or Greg. Don't be freakin retarded.

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gee thanks Tory...I was the only student at the meeting to find out the info to tell Greg and Claudia...I see how much I am appreciated...j/k...Greg couldn't go, and Dunlap asked me to come up...I will see you tomorrow...I really was j/k...I love you!
What meeting?

And I thought about saying you, too but I wasn't sure if I should have or not. I thought I should have just said directors/staff, dm & bc. But you know I loves you, right? Teehee. ::blush::
I really was j/k it really doesn't bother me at all...I was just doing what I could to help them out since they weren't here...they deserve all the credit, trying to do so much on top of everything else they have to do.