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my stupid instrament is gunna decinagrate!!! grr it stupid thumb rest keeps falling off and no mater how much ductape and safety wire i use the dang thing just woulnt stay on!!! it stupid! and the little ring aound the top of the bell comes off! and the metal ring on the very bottom of the bell moves and the pads are crap and it sounds horrible!!! oh and i havent even told you about my plasic one... its stupid too! this is stupd!! i cant take them it to be fixed b/c its too close to all county.... and knowing shmidts they'll want to keep it for like a month and a half! and a joyful noise dosent do any good when it comes to fixing instraments!!
ok on to other news... mr finnley said i need lessons... and i have to agree i really want them b/c theres only so much you can do on your own... dose any one know any good clarinet people??? ive thought about a joyfull noise but when i asked them about the R-13 they were like.... duhhh... idk! grr.... julie gave me the info on her tudorer and hes the band instructor at UWF and he only offers half hour lessons... what can you do with a half hour lesson!?!?! warm up... thats about it! so even if they offer hour lessons every 2 weeks i think it would be better that half hour lessons every week... ikd.... im so cunfused.... and i obviuosly cant spell today... whats new!
i need a new job any suggestions??
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Check out PJC.
Mr.Jernigan is a good teacher and has taught alot of my friends.

And about 30 minute lessons:
Lessons are where teachers review your progress. 30 minutes is just enough time to do what needs to be done as long as you do your part. You must be warmed up before you go into your lesson. If you have to have your teacher play with you for the entire lesson, you really aren't achieving what you're setting out to do and becoming someone who can only play if someone else leads you rather than becoming your own musician.

Damn. If you can't tell, I'm a music education major...

Jessi COllinsworth